Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Christmas market must benefit local businesses, suppliers and people

Bath Lib Dem MP Don Foster has today written to the Chief Executive of Bath Tourism Plus, Robin Bischert, questioning the tendering process that led to the catering contract for the Bath Christmas Market being awarded to an Oxfordshire company.

Don has asked for a list of the criteria that were used to make the decision, as well as how much weighting was given to each issue.

In the letter, Don says, “[I am] extremely concerned about both the procedures adopted and the outcome.

“…what does seem very clear is that the key determinant in the decision was a financial one rather than - as I would have hoped - a range of issues including how the various proposals would best help the local economy.”

The group of Bath businesses who missed out on the contract have called into question the fairness of the tendering process. Don has addressed this issue in his letter, saying,

“It has been suggested, for example, that while the local bid team were expected to provide full details of the menus to be available at each of the 6 chalets, Supreme Sausages bid did not include such detailed information.”

Bath MP Don has called for the Christmas Market to benefit local businesses, suppliers and people as, “After all, the purpose of the Christmas Market was to act as a driver for the local economy. If we merely get a lot of businesses in to the centre of Bath yet allow the jobs and supplies to come from outside Bath and the profits to flow out of the city, the benefit is minimal.”

The Lib Dem MP has also written to Supreme Sausages Managing Director Paul Garrish to ask for reassurances that local suppliers will be used as widely as possible, and that local people will be given the chance to staff the catering chalets.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Highway Reports for our Local area

To see the road reports for our Local area please follow the link HERE

To see the road reports that may affect tour travel in the Bath & North East Somerset area follow the link HERE

To report a Highways issue danger follow the link HERE

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Bath & North East Somerset Consultation on Gambling Policy

The review of the 'Statement of Licensing Principles') is currently open for consultation until the end of August. This new policy will include a section on casinos. The consultation papers can be found at:


If you cannot access this online please contact the licensing team on 01225 477557, and they can arrange to get a printed copy. Comments should be in writing and sent to the Licensing Team by email or post by 31 August 2009 to licensing@bathnes.gov.uk, or Licensing Team, Bath & North East Somerset Council, 9-10 Bath Street, Bath, BA1 1SN.

Broken Play Equipment

We have complained about the poor state of the play equipment in the Play area between Uphill & Coxley

The current play equipment is dangerous and we have asked for its urgent repair or removal we have also asked if there are any plans to upgrade the equipment in this play area.

Play area bin not emptied

We have asked that the overflowing bin in the play area between Uphill & Coxley is emptied as a matter of urgency. It is unfair for young children that use this play for the bin not to be emptied on a regular basis.

We have also asked that the bin is emptied on a more regular basis.

Overgrown Path Uphill Drive

We have asked that the overgrown path shown in the picture is cleared up as soon as possible. We are concerned that this path that runs up by the side of 35 has been allowed to get into this state without being cut back before now.

This overgrowth is particularly unpleasant in wet weather and unless it is cleared soon the path will not be unusable.

Clean this up

With the change to same day collection of waste several residents in Uphill Drive are complaining that the litter teams are not sweeping up after the refuse bags have been collected.

The picture attached was taken on Friday after the Thursday collection and shows the residual litter left after collection at the top of the steps in the 49-57 area.

We have asked the Council to make sure that they always clean up the area after the collection has taken place.