Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Don calls for Commons commitment to 10:10

The 10:10 Campaign is calling on individuals and organisations to commit to trying to cut their carbon footprint by 10% in 2010. Bath Liberal Democrat MP Don Foster has already joined.

Last week (Wednesday 21st October) Don supported moves for the House of Commons to join the 10:10 campaign. Speaking in a debate on the issue he criticised the Labour Government for failing to back the proposal.

Don said, “The 10:10 campaign has so far been a real success, with many individuals and organisations signed up. The Government should be taking a lead, not just lecturing others on what they should be doing.

“That’s why I asked the Minister why she thought everyone else should sign up for 10:10, but not the House of Commons. Sadly I got no answer and most Labour MPs voted against the measure.

The debate was called by the Liberal Democrats, who were the first political party in this country to put climate change on the national agenda.

Don said, “It is disappointing that the government failed to give their support. The government needs to provide strong leadership on climate change, particularly in the run up to the Copenhagen Summit, and signing up the House of Commons to the 10:10 would have been a significant step in doing so.”

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